Cœur de Ville en Lumières


18 h 30

(free admission)

November 16 to 18, 2023 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Montpellier and all its partner communities are finalists to become European Capital of Culture in 2028.

This year, Cœur de Ville en Lumières takes us to the heart of Europe, to discover three European Capitals of Culture in 2023: Eleusis (Greece), Timisoara (Romania) and Veszprem (Hungary).
Punctuated by stopovers on the African continent, the program links and celebrates the cultural wonders of our two continents.
Water, which links the various territories of the Montpellier 2028 bid, occupies a central place in this 8th edition, which aims to deploy our sensibilities and imaginations towards a desirable future.

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“Europe en cœur, shine in Europe” at the Opéra Comédie
This show plunges us into a unique adventure that links Romanian and French culture. A visual, sound and immersive universe that bridges the gap between two cultures: Timisoara has been a cultural avant-garde since 1884!

“Veszprem” at Eglise Saint-Roch
This show offers a dreamlike, cultural incursion into the spirit of Hungary and the city of Veszprem, European Capital of Culture 2023. Elements of Veszprem’s tangible and intangible heritage invite themselves onto the neo-Gothic facade of the Church of St. Roch, ready to destructure and generate spectacular architectural effects.

“Eleusis” at Poste Rondelet
Discover the Greek world, Eleusis, European Capital of Culture 2023, and its great ancient mysteries. ELEUSIS, a very large-format show, on the imposing Poste Rondelet, at the sources of Western civilization.

“Asteri, Csillag and Stéa” at the Cour de l’Agora
Spotlight on culture! Embark on a colorful, immersive journey to the heart of the three new European Capitals of Culture 2023: Eleusis, Timisoara and Veszprem. Follow the stars…

“Rêves d’Afrique” at Hôtel Saint-Côme
In this journey to Africa, light will wrap the Hôtel Saint-Côme in boubous, motifs and colors. A haute couture tribute to African cultures and 18th-century architecture.

“Afro’rythmes” at the Hôtel d’Aurès
African music takes center stage. Drawing inspiration from its rhythms and instruments, its colors and energies, we offer you a sensory and intoxicating journey, inviting you to dance and travel.

“Africa in lights” at Saint-Pierre Cathedral
e-artsup Montpellier’s motion design and 2D/3D animation students pay tribute to contemporary African artists through a graphic, musical and animated journey.

“Aquatic Legends” at the Prefecture
Water, the cornerstone of our civilizations, has always deeply nourished our imaginations. This show pays tribute to the legends and stories that have shaped our collective identity since the dawn of time.

“Méditerranéa” at Aqueduc des Arceaux
A plunge into the aquatic world. A deep dive into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, to discover its immensity, beauty and hidden treasures.

“Plongée dans l’audacieux” at the Arc de Triomphe
Water, an indispensable element, brings the various paintings to life.

Light sculpture at Notre-Dame des Tables
Light sculpture on the theme of water with eight art prep students and nine graphic design students in their 2nd year at Studio M.