Building together

Let’s create the city we want for tomorrow, together. Culture and art must contribute more than ever: they are powerful drivers of imagination and action.

Joint development workshop with the Sismo teams, “Being a European city today”.

Our bid is based on the desire to:

– bring together the arts, culture and heritage by involving as many people as possible in their development and production,

– create sustainable links between cultural, educational, economic and social organisations,

– strengthen the European element of the region through increased cooperation with stakeholders and cities from different countries.

We want to:

– make Montpellier 2028 a welcoming place for artists that supports their creativity

– enable better use of public spaces

– provide visibility for the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI)

All the participating communities are also focusing on young people, building a “child-friendly” region.

To rise to all these major challenges, Montpellier 2028 is counting on those who bring art, culture and our heritage to life: artists, educational, economic and social figures, visitors and audiences, fans and residents: we will create and build this bid together.

Would you like to contribute to Montpellier’s bid to become European Capital of Culture 2028? Take part in the questionnaire!

Joint development workshops

A first series of workshops to jointly develop the bid was organised with the key players interested in this project, which aims to motivate and unite people, whether they be representatives of institutions, associations or private partners, or social, educational, regional or cultural figures.

The idea is to bring them together to help define a common goal, to develop the fundamentals of the bid and to create lasting links between them. In total, five meetings were held between May and June 2022, structured as working and discussion sessions on the five key themes of Montpellier 2028.

Fly the flag
for Montpellier 2028

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