European Music Festival 2023


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Let’s celebrate the European Music Festival together!

Since its inception, the Fête de la Musique has been dedicated to celebrating all kinds of music. Whether it’s classical or contemporary music, all genres are welcome to perform in the halls, streets and squares of France. All genres, but also all practices. The Fête de la musique is an event open to professionals and amateurs alike. These values resonate strongly with those espoused by Montpellier 2028.

World Music Day, Fiesta de la musica, a French celebration in Europe and around the world

In 1985, the European Year of Music marked the international expansion of this musical day. 30 years later, the Fête de la musique is exported to 120 countries, not only in Europe, but also in Colombia, Peru, China, Kenya, Canada…

Montpellier and its partners are committed to culture.

A land of hospitality and festivals, Montpellier will be celebrating live music in all its forms.

Discover the Fête de la musique program at the Hôtel d’Aurès, the heart of Montpellier 2028:

Wednesday June 21
Braquage Sonore & Cie – Sound nap

A sound performance in the sound universe of an “enormous torrent”. A creation based on sound recordings made in the natural environment and on hydraulic structures (the Vinça dam waterfall, locks and electric turbines on the Rhône).
From a peaceful moment at the water’s edge to a sensation of submersion, the drama unfolds until the shattering rise of a flood when all the sound signals go berserk.
Creation 2019 for L’exposition Big Torrent / Bipolar – 73rd Avignon Festival / Chalon dans la rue

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Imperial Quartet – Jazz

Drawing inspiration from the depths of Louisiana, the Imperial Quartet returns on June 10 with a new album, All Indians? a musical odyssey blending Afro-American, Amerindian, Acadian and Creole cultures.
Comprising Antonin Leymarie, Joachim Florent, Damien Sabatier and Gérard Chevillon, this quartet will take you on a musical voyage of discovery!

Nanasso – Catalan Rumba / Gipsy

Catalan Rumba concert with Nanasso and Les Gipsy Baliardo.
Jean Marc Baliardo is none other than Nanasso Baliardo, a true gipsy icon, nephew of Manitas de Plata and son of the late Hippolyte Baliardo. He will be accompanied by Ricardo Bissière Baliardo on guitar and vocals, and guitarist Paco Solès.

Practical information
Hôtel d’Aurès
14 Rue Eugène Lisbonne, 34000 Montpellier

Credit: Théâtre de la Mer de Sète : Pierre Nocca