Debate: Is there such a thing as European literature?


09 h 30

Organized as part of Montpellier 2028 and La Comédie du Livre – 10 days in May

With Elin Cullhed, Rumena Bužarovska and Marente de Moor

Moderator: Margot Dijkgraaf

More than a continent, Europe is an idea, according to American historian Tamar Herzog. The Europe of Letters has long been a reality, and exchanges between scholars, humanists and writers (from Erasmus to Stéphane Zweig, via Voltaire, the Grimm brothers and Madame de Staël) have over the centuries created an intellectual republic unified by a common language: Latin, then French.

What is the situation today, when literature has become global, open to the four winds of the world, and under Anglo-Saxon influence?

To evoke the European ideal as it is embodied, or not, in their lives as writers, three women novelists from different horizons: Marente de Moor from the Netherlands, Elin Cullhed from Sweden and Rumena Bužarovska from Northern Macedonia.

9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Au Jardin de l’Hôtel de Lunas, Montpellier
Free admission, subject to availability