We’re all citizens of the seas!
Eyes Wide Open
Exposition, Festival, All public, Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée

Launch of the call for projects for the two Ronan Guillou creation grants
Monday March 6th
Bourses Ronan Guillou
open to all – free

Call for projects closes
sunday april 23

Thursday April 27

Announcement of winners and presentation of projects
Saturday May 20
from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Centre photographique documentaire, 17 Rue Lacan, Sète
open to all – free

Two creative grants
Wednesday May 17 to Monday July 31

Restitution of projects
in November
open to all

Restitution of projects
Monday December 4 to Friday December 8
during the Festival Face à la Mer in Tangier
open to all – free

Starting in Sète and in connection with other Mediterranean shores, Eyes Wide Open proposes a necessary voyage in our relationship to the sea to stimulate the values of this mankind/sea connection in an ever-changing European identity. Photographers share their creative experience to pass on these viewpoints to as many people as possible in Europe (Sète) and the Maghreb (Tangiers).

© Ronan Guillou, Lesbos, impression d'île #2