Espaces capitale: seeing and (re)inventing, an architectural and cultural trail

École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Montpellier
Meet, Public space, All public, Grand Pic Saint-Loup, L'Agglo Hérault Méditerranée, Lunel, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée, Vallée de l'Hérault

Geddès course
setting up of a structure of observation of the city and organization of an exhibition in connection
Collège de Ecossais, plan des quatre seigneurs

Jardin partagé
from May
testimony of the residence of students and teachers of the ENSAM in the district of Mosson and restitution of the various proposals and works carried out, in the form of exhibition, round tables, sharing

Choreographic tour and summer school Corps en mouvement
Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 July
Chai Saint Raphaël

A project combining urban planning, urban art, visual arts, literature and graphic design.

  • Tuesday, September 12
    Launch of the operation with a lecture by Arzhel Prioul and Mathieu Tremblin at 6:30pm at ENSAM (Anphi 1).
    At the same time, white cards will be sent to around fifty artists, and the following day two groups of ENSAM students from Sète and Montpellier will scout the billboards.
  • In October, once the completed boxes had been returned, the students reproduced them to scale.
  • Wednesday, November 22 at 9 a.m.
    All the posters collaged will be listed and located on an online digital map, and then published in the form of a publication featuring an account of the poster collage experience.
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The title of the project is the number of the article in the Environmental Code that guarantees freedom of expression in the public space, by requiring the provision of public display panels.
Two artists, Arzhel Prioul and Mathieu Tremblin, propose a protocol for taking over these free billboards by sending postcards in the form of carte blanche to other artists. After identifying the appropriate panels and contexts for the works, the completed cards are then reproduced to scale and displayed. The public space is altered, but it’s a very ephemeral art form, since anyone can cover these panels freely.

Situation.s à la Paillade” installation-performance
November 13 to December 1, 2023
free admission, information at
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Pedagogy and cultural dissemination are among the main objectives of the approach of the National School of Architecture of Montpellier. This project by the ENSAM school of architecture is a philosophical reflection on what habitation means in the broader, poetic, cultural and artistic sense. Observation of the city and its environs from Collège des

Écossais (Outlook Tower), take over the free expression panels with L581-13, take up a residency at Le Jardin, a third cultural venue in La Mosson.

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