Montpellier, a sense of place

Chap. 1: martror, es la davalada!
CIRDOC - Institut occitan de cultura
Meet, Public space, All public, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole
La Davalada
Saturday November 25th
Open-air afternoon
Place du Peyrou, Rue François Franque, Montpellier
open to all – free

Time for the Feast of the Dead (Martror)! CIRDOC, the institute of Occitan culture, sets out to reaffirm the unique character of a capital city which is both cosmopolitan and southern, European and Occitan. To this end, it mobilises the region’s traditions, enriching them with contemporary experiences in a changing social and urban environment. An awareness-raising event with participatory and creative workshops where historic knowledge and know-how revealing the circulation of North Mediterranean myths and rituals are passed on.

© Baptiste Morel