Quartiers Capitales – coming together through culture

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  • Dinner Fraternel de Tournezy
    Saturday, February 4th
    Conducted as part of the Journée de la Fraternité et des Solidarités organized by the Tournezy technical committee and the MPT Jean-Pierre Caillens
    Artistic partner:Théâtre des Origines – Marie Gaspa et Anna Wasniowska
    Operational partners : Les Ateliers Ludosophiques, MPT Jean-Pierre Caillens, La Menuiserie Collaborative

Place de Tibériade, Montpellier
open to all – free


  • Banquet Imaginatif de la Mosson
    Saturday June 17th
    Conducted as part of the 1st edition of the Festiv’Arts festival supported by Les Francas de l’Hérault
    Artistic partners: Pierre-Maël Gourvennec, Tissy Caldas (FAM) et le Tangara Trio
    Operational partners: Les Ateliers Ludosophiques, Théâtre Jean Vilar, MPT Léo Lagrange

Parc Sophie Desmarets, 1069-1179 avenue d’Heidelberg, Montpellier
open to all – free


  • Quartier Gély’s glittering banquet
    Saturday, September 16 Cancelled
    from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
    Postponed to Wednesday, September 20 at 7:00 pm
    On the occasion of the Maison pour Tous Albertine Sarrazin’s back-to-school party and the European Heritage Days, ADEMASS, the Maison pour Tous and their partners are inviting residents of the Cité Gély and beyond to celebrate the neighborhood’s culinary, festive and solidarity-based cultures.
    The glitter will be in the spotlight for this great shared meal orchestrated by Mike Tiger: circus performances, flamenco dancing, clown acts, photo shoots, a glitter bar and a faceted ball!
    Local residents and associations will be showcasing their culinary culture…
    Bring a dish to share, put on your luminous clothes, and we’ll take care of the rest!
    This banquet will be an opportunity to reflect on the neighborhood’s cultures and dream together of making Cité Gély a cultural capital.

Parc de la Guirlande, Montpellier
open to all – free

The objective of Ademass: to develop a project that respects cultural rights and includes the poorer districts. The potluck-style “artistic banquets”, originally a pretext to get out and meet people, have become the very point of this grand narrative in the making. At the dawn of urgently needed environmental, economic and social change and at a time when the poorer districts are bearing the full brunt of crises, the cultural sector must, more than ever, be the means for uniting people and fostering the emergence of shared narratives.

© Lucie Lejeune