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Journal of negotiations with the Lez – “Tous Antonio”

Public radio program and experimentation with an inter-specific council on the Lez – part of the Agropol’Eat Festival
Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 2
→ listen to the show
Domaine de la Valette, Rue Jean-François Breton, Montpellier
open to all – free

Conversation à l’étang – as part of the eventA la Lisière du Monde
sunday, october 1
departure from Les Ateliers, Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone
open to all – free – registration

Public (re)presentation of a Lez interspecific council
end of year during the ZAT
open to all – free

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Following an initial survey phase in autumn 2022 (ÉCOUTEZ-LEZ), BIPOLAR proposes a collective mediation between residents and their river. This (RASSEMBLEZ-LEZ) is structured around the creation of a “negotiating committee” made up of some twenty volunteers attached to the river. Through a variety of learning experiences – technical, scientific and sensitive knowledge inputs (field visits, workshops, experience sharing) – its members seek to better understand the river and its own interests. Change perspective, build another relationship with the Lez to imagine and prototype a new form of sensitive water administration that takes into account the interests of the river and its environment. Along the way, the negotiating committee will experiment with assembly and council formats, in public and at local events.

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Domaine de La Valette