A new roadmap for M28!


The Board of Directors of “M28 – Terres de culture” met on Wednesday May 29 in Saint-Jean-Fos (Hérault Valley). The opportunity to propose new governance, develop new missions and announce an event in the fall of 2025. Responding to the invitation of Jean-François SOTO, Mayor of Gignac and President of the Hérault Valley community of communes, and in the presence of Pascal DELIEUZE, Mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Fos, all the members of the CA were able to visit the Argileum of Saint-Jean-de-Fos and the Abbey of Aniane on this occasion.

Governance adapted to new challenges

The M28 Board of Directors made it possible to initiate a new stage for the dynamics of the territory in favor of culture with the installation of governance adapted to the challenges to come, with the election of Sophie LERON, to the position of President of the M28 association and welcoming new members:

  • the Occitanie Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, represented by Michel ROUSSEL its director. The presence of the State was unanimously welcomed. The entry of the Ministry of Culture through the DRAC Occitanie is fundamental and highly symbolic.
  • the Montpellier University Hospital, represented by Anne FERRER, its director, who will provide valuable support in linking culture, health and inclusion.
  • Charlotte GIRERD, Director of Transition, CSR and Innovation of SNCF Immobilier and Alexandre LABASSE, General Director of the Parisian Urban Planning Workshop, as qualified personalities who will be able to support the association in the development of emerging urban themes and transformation projects innovative.
  • Adèle Charvet remains one of the faces of M28 by continuing her commitment within the association as a qualified personality.

“Culture is a transformative power for the territory, an instrument serving its resilience and reinvention. Culture is what makes the territory a living organism.”

Sophie Léron, President of M28

A dynamic which demonstrates the vitality of the M28 approach in the territory.

For two years, the Montpellier 2028 – European Capital of Culture association did more than work for Montpellier’s candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture: the approach made it possible to give substance to the notion of territory. A living area, a continuum of experiences and a community of destinies facing contemporary climatic, social and economic challenges.

“M28 – Terres de culture” is conceived today as a supplement of soul, in the etymological sense of the term – that which animates, that which gives breath – an approach which is not content to interweave administrative cogs, but builds an organic link between local stakeholders. By decompartmentalizing culture to make it an instrument of resilience.

The Board of Directors unanimously voted for the co-constructed roadmap which presents the actions to be implemented in the coming months, with all the partners and echoing the feedback from the winning project leaders in the Calls for projects 2022 and 2023.

To continue to fertilize the soil of our imaginations, to transform the territory through culture and build a common future through dialogue and the hybridization of forms, materials and disciplines, “M28 – Terres de culture” is adopting new missions. :

  • Animate a common framework going beyond existing administrative structures and aiming to transform, through culture, the territory defined in the continuity of the candidacy of Montpellier and its partners to become European Capital of Culture,
  • Create a space for experimentation with new artistic forms and collaboration around the daily problems of residents and the major issues that cross this territory
  • Take an experimental and cross-sectoral approach,
  • Support joint projects, document them and give them shared visibility.

A major event in 2025

Finally, the members of the board of directors of “M28 – Terres de culture” approved the holding of a major cultural event, under the artistic direction of Nicolas Dubourg. Divided into 7 major meetings and punctuated by dozens of transdisciplinary events, with the participation of residents, it will extend over the entire territory, from Château Laurens to Agde to Sana to Grau du Roi, including The source of the Lez or the Lunel Canal. At the end of a year of residencies and experiments, this event “The Paths of Living” will take place for a week from September 28 to October 4, 2025 and will be followed by a handover with the Euro-Africa Biennale the weekend of October 5 and 6, 2025.

M28 celebrates Europe!


On Europe Day, M28 celebrates its commitment to the European Union and the values that underpin it: the Rule of Law, Democracy, Equality, Human Rights, Freedom and Human Dignity.

The M28 territory is firmly in line with the European Union’s objectives for tackling the major challenges of our time, such as climate change and democracy. M28 also strongly defends the principle of a Europe united in its diversity. Art and culture are powerful vectors for preserving these ties.

This Thursday, May 9, M28 and Eyes Wide Open (2023 winner of M28) are uniting to offer you an Interrail pass and a photo book, as part of the “Civis Maritimus, 1ère vague” exhibition in Sète.

How to enter the photo competition?

  1. Visit the “Civis Maritimus, 1ère vague” exhibition 
  2. Post a story on Instagram of your exhibition favorite before 11:59pm on May 9, 2024
  3. Use one of the hashtags of your choice : #EuropeUnie, #EuropeVivante, #EuropeenPaix
  4. Tag @_theeyeswideopen and @montpellier2028

A draw will be held to select the winner.
Find the contest rules here.

Please note that for your entry to count, your account must be public for the duration of the game!

Good luck to you all!


Organized by Eyes Wide Open, as part of the Itinérances Foto tour, the exhibition invites us to take a step back from our conventional perception of the marine environment, with four young artists: Aliki Christoforou, Charles Thiefaine, Alice Pallot and Manon Lanjouère.

The exhibition runs from May 1 to 20, Wednesday to Sunday, 2:30 to 7:00 pm, at the Théâtre de la Mer in Sète.

Programme Thursday May 9 from 6.00 pm
at Théâtre de la Mer in Sète (Salle Tarbouriech)

  • Vernissage in the presence of the artists
  • Visit of the exhibition followed by an Apéro and DJ set with Filosofia 
  • Announcement and presentation of the two 2024 Ronan Guillou Fellowship winners (European photographers), in residence in Sète in May and June to carry out their projects associating the human and marine worlds.
  • First Agora Civis Maritimus with Alice Pallot and Manon Lanjouère to share their marine-related projects

M28 meets at Grand Pic Saint-Loup!


Working meeting with representatives of local authorities and the association’s partners, in the premises of the community of communes of Grand Pic Saint-Loup.

For this new phase of transformation, M28 is continuing its collective commitment, in the continuity of the dynamic initiated. A sequence of work rich in the contributions of each and everyone, on the occasion of which the first responses to the questionnaires sent to our project leaders were presented.

Discussions to also share the first avenues of reflection on the continuation of M28, with the aim of defining our common ambition and the action plans to be deployed in the M28 territory.

Thank you to Alain Barbe, President and Martine Durand-Rambier Vice-President, in charge of Culture and Heritage and to the teams of the community of communes of Grand Pic Saint-Loup for their welcome.

M28 the following, co-construction phase


Friday, March 1, a working meeting was held with the cultural departments of the local authorities members of the Montpellier 2028 Association at the Hôtel d’Aurès, the beating heart of M28.

Faced with the common challenges of the territory and in the continuity of the dynamic initiated, the teams were involved in this new phase of transformation and in the development of the association’s roadmap which will be presented to the Board of Directors before the summer.

The association will maintain an experimental and cross-sectoral approach, being a space for experimentation with new artistic forms and collaboration around the major issues that cross the territory of M28. Convinced that artistic creation can contribute to forging new imaginations capable of shaping a desirable future, M28 will be keen to continue its approach in favor of the hospitality of artists and the diversity of audiences.

Calls for projects 2022 – 2023

The Calls for Projects system: a powerful lever for a long-term approach

One of the strengths of our candidacy is to have been able to show the face
of the year of the title from its pre-selection phase. Thanks to a shared budget
and in a unique approach between all partner communities,
the Montpellier 2028 – European Capital of Culture Association brought
two Calls for Projects in 2022 and 2023.

Open to all artistic, cultural, educational, social and
heritage, their objectives have evolved according to the progress of the candidacy. The
two programs for 2022 and 2023 were intended to enrich the cultural offering
throughout the M28 territory with an eclectic program (shows,
hikes, creative workshops, competitions, readings, etc.).

Intended for all its inhabitants, the majority of
events are free and general public, but also geared towards
specific audiences (young people, seniors, people in migration situations,
people with disabilities, etc.).

The key numbers of the Calls for Projects
85 winning projects
More than 200 events
50 host communities for programming events
⅓ of projects with a European and/or international dimension in 2023

download the 2022 program
download the 2023 program

The adventure continues!


The communities and all the partners of the Montpellier 2028 association met on Tuesday January 9 at the Corum in Montpellier for a Board of Directors and a General Assembly.

In recent months, Montpellier 2028 has carried out with strength and commitment a project that has created something in common. This board of directors was an opportunity to present the collective assessment of the actions carried out in this application phase and to look back on all the progress made during this great adventure which has given rise to so many new initiatives which will remain as so many acquired.

During the Board of Directors, it was unanimously noted by the members of the association the desire to continue the collective path with common actions in the territory of M28 around, for example, themes which remain essential such as the transition ecological, Europe and inclusion; specific programs in 2024, particularly around youth and cross-sectorality. These actions may take different forms: calls for projects, financing of engineering in targeted locations, financing of themed collective actions, residency grants. An appointment is made for a board meeting before the summer setting the major objectives of the association, a timetable for achievement and the related means.

At the end, everyone was invited to a friendly moment at the Brasserie du Corum, in the presence of all the association’s partners (patrons and project leaders). Founding members, associate members, invited members and partners collectively displayed their enthusiasm for building the future together.

“The M28 adventure continues and is committed to a common transformative ambition in the face of the major challenges of the territory for today and the years to come. » Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.

download the M28 application report

© Alain Scherer

Thanks to all our partners


The European jury for the selection of the winning city for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2028 made its decision this evening, and we would like to congratulate the city of Bourges on its designation. This choice confirms a development project for a medium-sized city through culture.

Along with Sète, the Occitanie region, the Hérault department, the communities of communes of Pays de Lunel, Grand Pic Saint-Loup, Vallée de l’Hérault, Terre de Camargue, the Hérault Méditerranée and Pays de l’Or agglomerations, Montpellier has embarked on an unprecedented adventure: applying for the title of European Capital of Culture.

For two years, with heart, enthusiasm and conviction, we worked together to make a real case for culture. We have brought together numerous partners, economic, educational and social players, all of whom we would like to thank warmly today. From the initial nine cities involved in the process, we have now reached the final alongside three (Bourges, Clermont-Ferrand and Rouen) who, like us, have made a firm choice in favor of culture.

As the French Minister of Culture pointed out during her visit, we were, in a way, already the European Capital of Culture.

We’re keeping in mind that this bid has brought us a great deal. Since 2022, 85 cultural projects have been designated as Montpellier 2028 winners, representing over 200 events, most of them free of charge, organized throughout the region for all its residents. It has also been a formidable project gas pedal, with our involvement in numerous European networks and the emergence of cooperative ventures with many European cities. But also in our way of building cultural policies, more inclusive, more participative with citizens.

What’s more, the collective governance to which we are committed is undeniably an asset. This dynamic must and will continue. We are going to pursue it in the spirit of cooperation that was born on a regional scale via the association that brings us together. We are more united than ever for culture.

See you in the weeks to come as we continue to share our imaginations.

“In any case, this candidacy is a victory for a more peaceful region and for an asserted cultural ambition for today and the years to come. The promise of new projects for the future. Michaël DELAFOSSE, Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.

Montpellier 2028 in Dublin


“Culture Summit” by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)

A day filled with exchanges on the theme of cooperation among Capitals of Culture.

The cities of Timisoara and Elefsina, European Capitals of Culture 2023, as well as San José in Costa Rica, shared their initial experiences. A source of inspiration for all, especially for the Deputy Mayor of Brazzaville, Clesh Atipo Ngapi, whose city will be the next African Capital of Culture alongside Kinshasa. The Brazzaville-Kinshasa duo will succeed Rabat and aims, through this nomination, to contribute to the structuring, empowerment, and networking of creative and cultural actors on the African continent.

This dialogue among European, African, and Ibero-American cities, facilitated by networks such as UCLG, is essential for developing decentralized cooperation and placing culture at the heart of our development strategies for sustainable, peaceful, and more inclusive cities.

Montpellier 2028 fully embraces this dynamic of cooperation and is already standing alongside all Capitals of Culture.

Montpellier 2028 had the honor of participating in the roundtable “Culture & Health,” moderated by Lars Ebert, Secretary-General of Culture Action Europe.

The scientific studies presented by Niels Fietje from the World Health Organization are eloquent and reinforce culture and health practitioners to work together to advance innovative approaches to mental health and well-being.

Éric Penso, Vice President of the Montpellier Metropolis, presented the actions taken in Montpellier in this direction, notably through the the Bulle Bleue projects, which act on a daily basis to promote access to training and employment for artists with disabilities, or the links we are developing with Oulu in Finland and their Smart Hospital project.

Montpellier 2028 at the European Parliament in Brussels


On the occasion of the Cities and Regions Forum for International Partnerships, a delegation from Montpellier 2028 went to Brussels to discuss international relations through the prism of culture and youth with the European network.

Clare Hart, Vice-President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole spoke during the opening session of the Forum on the role of local authorities in the context of international partnerships and the localization of the SDGs/Global Gateway.

Then, Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of the City of Montpellier, President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole chaired a workshop on the role of culture in the construction of a sustainable and inclusive city model, particularly for young people. The opportunity to share with other mayors and representatives of intermediary cities our project and vision of a sustainable, inclusive and exemplary territory as an accelerator of territorial cooperation and cohesion.

Driven by the conviction that culture is a lever for development and can help us invent new stories in the face of major contemporary issues, Montpellier 2028 continues its commitment to the European network and the African continent with the ambition to invent together new forms of cooperation and deploying imaginaries of transition.


Montpellier 2028, alongside the African Capital of Culture 2024!

The Cities and Regions for International Partnerships Forum was also an opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with the cities of Brazzaville and Kinshasa, which have just been jointly designated as the African Capitals of Culture for 2024.

These rich exchanges, particularly with Yvette Tabu Inangoy, Commissioner General in charge of culture for the province of Kinshasa, and Emma Clesh Atipo Ngapy, Deputy Mayor of Brazzaville, align with our commitment to dialogue and cooperation with the African continent.

Also an opportunity for Michaël Delafosse to meet again with Achille Mbembe, bearer of a strong message for local democracies.

After a first Biennale that took place in October 2023, strengthened by the ties formed in 2021 during the organization of the New Africa-France Summit, exploring new areas of partnerships, especially between artists and scientists, Montpellier asserts itself more than ever as a crossroads of ideas and aims to transform perspectives on the reality of African cultures.

Visit of members of the European jury delegation


Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of the City of Montpellier, President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, and the Montpellier 2028 team welcomed the members of the European jury delegation to Montpellier on Monday, December 4th, alongside representatives from local authorities and partners committed to our candidacy.

On the agenda: a tour of the cities of Montpellier and Sète with times for meetings and discussions on the major challenges of Montpellier 2028. With one objective: to provide an authentic and representative overview of our candidacy in all its richness and diversity.

The opportunity to discover the development project of the ZAC Boffil, future Fabrique M28, and to focus on our program, especially around Cultural and Creative Industries, citizen participation through the awareness-raising of future ambassadors of Water4future Hackatons among schoolchildren, high school students, and university students, Culture at the children’s level with the Fabre Museum and its innovative awareness devices for young and very young audiences, but also projects combining health and culture led by the University Hospital Center of Montpellier (CHU) with on-the-ground initiatives and inspiring creative activities to improve mental health. Presentation also of the future cultural dimension of the Chais Dubonnet in Sète, the relocation project of the MIAM International Museum of Modest Arts that is part of it, and the creation of spaces for sharing and conviviality, especially around gastronomy, but also participatory projects in social care institutions supported by Mécènes du sud.

Also an opportunity to reaffirm that the candidacy of Montpellier 2028 aims to transform the territory through the prism of culture by becoming a place of experimentation and invention at the crossroads between Europe and Africa, particularly in the face of contemporary challenges as illustrated by the Euro-Africa Biennial.

Furthermore, the strategy and evaluation methods of the title and its impact on the territory in the short and medium term were presented by the Center for Political and Social Studies (CEPEL), which will be in charge of its coordination.

This day concluded at the Théâtre de la Mer in Sète in the presence of François Commeinhes, Mayor of Sète and President of Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée, to the rhythm of the official anthem of Montpellier 2028 with the Association Les Loustics du Pic and to the sound of the guitars of Kema & Nelson Baliardo.


The visit reflected the Montpellier 2028 candidacy: with a “low carbon” and responsible approach.

The members of the European jury delegation discovered the cities of Montpellier and Sète by train, electric vehicles, velotaxis, and boat!

Thinking about new mobilities on the M28 scale is at the heart of the challenges of the Montpellier 2028 candidacy.

Adapting mobilities to new uses to address the ecological and social transition challenges we want for our territory begins with incentive measures, such as Montpellier’s free transportation policy or the renewed commitment of the Occitanie Region to offer TER tickets for €1 for all the highlights of our program; the reciprocal adaptation of M28 programming schedules and transport services.

This will also involve experimenting with river shuttles, promoting the use of bicycles and electric bicycles through artistic and cultural routes and projects by promoting intermodality (notably train+bicycle).

Montpellier 2028 mobilizes for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities!


10 h 00

On Saturday December 2 from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 20:00, the city of Montpellier is organizing an event entitled “Cap sur la culture”.

This initiative aims to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and in particular diversity and inclusion in the arts and culture sector.

The Salle des Rencontres at Montpellier City Hall will be the venue for this celebration, with a rich program ranging from poetry to live shows, round tables and musical performances.

See the full program here.

Montpellier 2028 is giving away an Interrail pass for the occasion! Enter our “Europe by train” photo competition and try your luck!

How to enter?

1. Go to the “Cap sur la culture” event.

2. Take a photo of yourself with one of our photo frames in support of the Montpellier 2028 bid.

3. Post your best photos on your Instagram account, tagging @montpellier2028, with the hashtags #montpellier2028 #JIPSH2023
before 11:59pm on December 02, 2023

A draw will be held to select the winner.

Find the contest rules here.

Please note that for your entry to count, your account must be public for the duration of the game!

For the disabled, assistance can be requested on board by the pass holder, and their carer can obtain a free Interrail pass.

Good luck to you all!

Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak visits the heart of Montpellier 2028


The major challenges at stake in Montpellier’s bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2028 were unveiled at the Maison des Relations Internationales Nelson Mandela in Montpellier. Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, François Commeinhes, Mayor of Sète and President of Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée, Claire Fita, Vice-President of Montpellier 2028 and Vice-President of the Conseil Régional d’Occitanie, and Zita Chelvi-Sandin, Conseiller départementale de l’Hérault, addressed key European issues, as well as territorial cooperation and mobility.

It was also an opportunity to discuss Montpellier 2028’s artistic program, based around its 3 artistic axes: Les Chemins du vivant, La Fabrique des futurs, Trans! with a focus on the role of culture as an essential factor in connection and inclusion, and as a lever for transformation, in the presence of Nicolas Dubourg, Artistic Director of the bid, Sophie Léron, General Manager of the bid, Delphine Maurel, Director of ESAT artistique la Bulle Bleue, and Thierry Verdier, Director of ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier).

Next, Mathieu Argaud, co-director of the Bipolar agency, and Mélina Chosson presented the “Rassemblez-Lez” project, which, as part of Montpellier 2028, is proposing a laboratory for experimentation around the question of environmental issues, and which has launched a major negotiation between the Lez river and its inhabitants.

Finally, there was a visit to the “Boson Man, particule élémentaire” exhibition by Franco-Ivorian artist Ernest Dükü at the Espace Bagouet, inaugurated as part of the Montpellier Euro-Africa Biennial.

© Alain Scherer

Cœur de Ville en Lumières


18 h 30

(free admission)

November 16 to 18, 2023 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Montpellier and all its partner communities are finalists to become European Capital of Culture in 2028.

This year, Cœur de Ville en Lumières takes us to the heart of Europe, to discover three European Capitals of Culture in 2023: Eleusis (Greece), Timisoara (Romania) and Veszprem (Hungary).
Punctuated by stopovers on the African continent, the program links and celebrates the cultural wonders of our two continents.
Water, which links the various territories of the Montpellier 2028 bid, occupies a central place in this 8th edition, which aims to deploy our sensibilities and imaginations towards a desirable future.

download the full program


“Europe en cœur, shine in Europe” at the Opéra Comédie
This show plunges us into a unique adventure that links Romanian and French culture. A visual, sound and immersive universe that bridges the gap between two cultures: Timisoara has been a cultural avant-garde since 1884!

“Veszprem” at Eglise Saint-Roch
This show offers a dreamlike, cultural incursion into the spirit of Hungary and the city of Veszprem, European Capital of Culture 2023. Elements of Veszprem’s tangible and intangible heritage invite themselves onto the neo-Gothic facade of the Church of St. Roch, ready to destructure and generate spectacular architectural effects.

“Eleusis” at Poste Rondelet
Discover the Greek world, Eleusis, European Capital of Culture 2023, and its great ancient mysteries. ELEUSIS, a very large-format show, on the imposing Poste Rondelet, at the sources of Western civilization.

“Asteri, Csillag and Stéa” at the Cour de l’Agora
Spotlight on culture! Embark on a colorful, immersive journey to the heart of the three new European Capitals of Culture 2023: Eleusis, Timisoara and Veszprem. Follow the stars…

“Rêves d’Afrique” at Hôtel Saint-Côme
In this journey to Africa, light will wrap the Hôtel Saint-Côme in boubous, motifs and colors. A haute couture tribute to African cultures and 18th-century architecture.

“Afro’rythmes” at the Hôtel d’Aurès
African music takes center stage. Drawing inspiration from its rhythms and instruments, its colors and energies, we offer you a sensory and intoxicating journey, inviting you to dance and travel.

“Africa in lights” at Saint-Pierre Cathedral
e-artsup Montpellier’s motion design and 2D/3D animation students pay tribute to contemporary African artists through a graphic, musical and animated journey.

“Aquatic Legends” at the Prefecture
Water, the cornerstone of our civilizations, has always deeply nourished our imaginations. This show pays tribute to the legends and stories that have shaped our collective identity since the dawn of time.

“Méditerranéa” at Aqueduc des Arceaux
A plunge into the aquatic world. A deep dive into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, to discover its immensity, beauty and hidden treasures.

“Plongée dans l’audacieux” at the Arc de Triomphe
Water, an indispensable element, brings the various paintings to life.

Light sculpture at Notre-Dame des Tables
Light sculpture on the theme of water with eight art prep students and nine graphic design students in their 2nd year at Studio M.

M28 application submitted to the French Ministry of Culture


Montpellier 2028 was in Paris to submit our bid to the Ministry of Culture.

With : Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole; Adèle Charvet, President of the Montpellier 2028 association; Sophie Léron, General Manager and Nicolas Dubourg, Artistic Director.

Montpellier and all its partner local authorities are working together on a truly ambitious, forward-looking and inclusive regional project. The artistic project presented in the bid is based on 3 concepts – CONNECT, ACT, CELEBRATE – and 3 axes – Living Trails, Time machine, Trans! – .

This bid is the fruit of a joint project involving all our partners across the region, Europe and the African continent.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their imaginations with us and helped us write new stories!

Download the application form in FR
Download the application form in EN

Les Loustic du Pic played the official Montpellier 2028 anthem in Paris!


This visit follows Senator Hussein Bourgi’s invitation to the young musicians of the Loustics du Pic brass band to come to the Senate.

An opportunity for 24 young people from the region to discover the Palais du Luxembourg and perform there.

The following day, Montpellier 2028 joined the towns of Sète and Agde at the Fête des Vendanges in Montmartre for a festive and convivial event.

In the heart of the Arènes de Montmartre, the issues at stake in Montpellier’s 2028 bid were presented, and the Loustics du Pic delighted the large audience who turned out to hear them play on the heights of the capital, before giving way to the tunes of Brassens and Manitas de Plata.

With the participation of :

– Sophie Léron, General Manager of Montpellier 2028

– Eric Penso, Vice-president of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole in charge of Culture and Historical Heritage

– Christophe Durand, Vice-Chairman of Sète Agglopôle, responsible for cultural outreach and the development of artistic education in community facilities, public reading and live performance.

– Joliette Coste, Deputy Manager of the Attractive City of Sète, responsible for Tourism and the Cruise Club

The trip was made possible thanks to the support of Lidl France.

Montpellier 2028 on display in stations


Montpellier 2028 has teamed up with SNCF Gares & Connexions to showcase a selection of projects by local artists and cultural players. A number of artistic projects emblematic of the bid will be showcased in 5 stations across the region, through customized scenographies designed by SNCF Gares & Connexions teams.

Visit Montpellier, Sète, Lunel, Frontignan and Vic-Mireval stations to discover these unique installations.

This partnership between Montpellier 2028 and SNCF Gares & Connexions is intended to be a long-term one, extending beyond the region to the national and European level if Montpellier is chosen to become European Capital of Culture in 2028, alongside Budweis (Czech Republic) and Skopje (Macedonia).


Sète station, Aliki Christoforou “Perspectives submergées”; Charles Thiefaine “Z”, as part of the CIVIS MARITIMUS program: “Tous citoyens des mers” (“All citizens of the seas”) supported by Eyes Wide Open.
Lunel station, Ador & Mara “Navache!”, Elisa Capdevila and Zoer, restitution of two frescoes created around the theme of water, as part of the “Contre Courant – Art & Exploration Urbaine” program supported by LineUP, the city and the Lunel region.
Frontignan and Vic-Mireval railway stations, “Inside Out” created by photographer JR, a series of portraits of committed local citizens, as part of the “Transborder” program supported by AFIVAM.


Gare de Montpellier Saint-Roch, Barthélémy Toguo, series of etchings entitled “Wouri, Donga, Sanaga…”, named after the rivers of Cameroon; GraphiMs, a festival organized by La Fenêtre and the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole media library network. A series exploring the relationship between transport and graphic design.

→ watch the video

SNCF Gares & Connexions specializes in stations, from design to operation and marketing. Born of the conviction that stations are living places in their own right, it enriches these “urban villages” to help spread culture to all publics. Every year, nearly 300 exhibitions, interventions and artistic events are custom-designed for stations throughout France, in partnership with leading institutions.

Euro-Africa Biennial Montpellier


Montpellier 2028 celebrates cooperation between Europe and Africa!

The relationship between Europe and Africa is a key aspect of the Montpellier 2028 bid, as demonstrated by this 1st edition of the Euro-Africa Montpellier Biennial.

October 9 to 15, Montpellier and its inhabitants vibrated to the rhythm of Africa and celebrated its cultural riches through a constellation of national and international events. Participative balls, conferences, concerts, creations, exhibitions, animations – aimed at promoting existing and future cooperation between Montpellier and the African continent, and transforming the way we look at the reality of current African cultures, particularly in the field of Creative Cultural Industries.

On October 9 and 10, European and African academics and researchers met at the Euro-Africa Water Days conference organized by the Icireward center.

→ program
→ press kit for the First Euro-Africa Montpellier Biennial

Round table by M28

At the heart of the first Euro-Africa Montpellier Biennial, Montpellier 2028 organized a round-table discussion on Monday October 9 at the Maison des relations internationales on the European Commission’s strategy for cultural policies with the African continent.

An opportunity to exchange views with a panel of speakers on the role of culture in the development of cities, and on the European Commission’s support for the “African Capital of Culture” initiative led by UCLG.

Montpellier 2028 has announced that it will be joining the designated Capital in November to share their experiences.

→ available on replay

Virginie Ehonian. Moderator.
Sophie Léron. General Manager of Montpellier 2028.
Adja Mariam Mahre Soro. Director, screenwriter, producer and author of comics and animation.
Giorgio Ficcarelli. Head of Section, Culture and Intercultural Dialogue, DG INTPA, European Commission.
Jacques Jonathan Nyemb. Lawyer and founder of “The Okwelians” Think Tank in social innovation.innovation sociale « The Okwelians ».
Sophie Renaud. Director of Cooperation and Society Dialogue, Institut français.
Bamba Ould Daramane. Mayor of the commune of Rosso (Mauritania).

Montpellier 2028 at the Eurocities Culture Forum in Birmingham!


Following the signing of Eurocities’ “Call to Action” by the Montpellier Metropolis advocating for a decarbonized and more inclusive culture, we continue our commitment to the European network by participating in the Culture Forum held on the 12th and 13th of October in the city of Birmingham.

This is an opportunity for Montpellier to engage in discussions alongside other Eurocities members regarding the role of culture in city development policies, both socially and economically, with a particular focus on citizen participation and diversity considerations. These exchanges and field visit s provide valuable insights for the Montpellier 2028 teams in the context of our bid for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028.

Débate: Art in the age of artificial intelligence: opportunities or pitfalls?


19 h 00

Thursday October 19 at 7pm at MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain Panacée

Organized as part of Montpellier 2028 and Les Jeudis MO.CO. Panacée, in partnership with Midi Libre

Recent news about Artificial Intelligence shows that artistic production is likely to be impacted by these new technological advances.

New artists are already fully committed to the path of artistic production via Artificial Intelligence, as in the case of Thibaud Zamora, a Montpellier-based video game artist who has become an “A.I Artist”.

Beyond artistic production, Artificial Intelligence enables us to reinvent our relationship with mediation, citizen participation and inclusion, notably by offering new digital mediation experiences and generating new possibilities for inclusion – key issues for Montpellier 2028.

Speakers at the round table:

Vincent Martin (Host) – Director and creator of La Courbe verte core/paragraph
Thibaud Zamora – AI artist – Former Montpellier-based developer of successful video games
Thibaud Zamora – AI artist – Former Montpellier-based developer of successful video games
Agnès Robin – Lecturer at the University of Montpellier, Director of the “Intellectual Property and Digital Law” Master’s program, Deputy Director of the Innovation Communication and Market Laboratory (LICeM)
Patrice Cervellin – Lecturer at the Université Paul-Valéry – Montpellier, teacher-researcher in visual arts in the “Video Games” Master’s program.
Marion Carré – Founder of the start-up Ask Mona

→ watch the replay

Free admission subject to availability

European Heritage Days 2023


10 h 30

Let’s celebrate the European Heritage Days together!
The European Heritage Days are an opportunity to visit unique heritage sites throughout France. Two themes will be highlighted this year: living heritage and sports heritage.

Come and meet the Montpellier 2028 team and try to win an Interrail Pass on Saturday September 16 at one of the following venues:

Angelotti Olympic pool
Presence of the M28 team: 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
The Olympic swimming pool opens its doors to celebrate its sporting heritage. To mark the occasion, a show by Le Cour Florent, “Nage libre”, will be presented on Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 3pm.

Hôtel de Varennes
M28 team presence: from 12:00 to 13:00
Take an “80-minute tour of Montpellier” by (re)visiting the Hôtel de Varennes and the Musée du Vieux Montpellier, with guided tours on Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 am.

Arc de Triomphe
M28 team presence: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Discover the Arc de Triomphe from a rare angle – from the inside! An opportunity to climb the monument and see Montpellier from above.

Carré Sainte-Anne
M28 team presence: from 3.15pm to 4.00pm
An exceptional opening of the Sainte-Anne church during its renovation will take place throughout the weekend. In connection with the living heritage, the know-how of the stonemasons will be showcased.

Hôtel d’Aurès
M28 team presence: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Montpellier’s former conservatory, Hôtel d’Aurès, now home to Montpellier’s Pôle Culture et Patrimoine and Montpellier 2028, is open to the public. A baroque concert with Les Ombres will be performed there, on Saturday at 6:00 pm, as well as an object and clown theater show with Cie Le Septième Point, on Sunday at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Click here for the full program of the JEP in Montpellier

Find out how to win an Interrail Pass here

Montpellier 2028 in Elefsina 2023!


A delegation from Montpellier 2028 visited the city of Elefsina, European Capital of Culture in 2023.

With a strong introduction into the artistic program thanks to the performance of Romeo Castellucci, specifically designed for the city’s archeological site.

The delegation toured the town, with thorough presentations and insights from the Elefsina 2023’s team – its artistic director, Michail Marmarinos, and coordinator Angeliki Lampiri – on how to activate the city’s industrial heritage and encourage the participation of its citizens. Then followed a fruitful discussion with the Culterra youth group, based in the city’s former train station, which actively contributes to the city’s development by creating sustainable sites for the youth, supported by the Belgian company Time Circus.

Next day, Children’s involvement in urban transformation projects, european collaborations, role of contemporary art in Athens—there were fruitful exchanges between Montpellier 2028 and the CommonSpace cooperative, as well as with Poka Yio, the director of the Athens Biennale.

It was also an opportunity to present the key aspects of the candidacy to Nicolas Eybalin, the director of the French Institute in Greece, and to discuss the hospitality policies of the cities of Montpellier and Sète, including artist residency projects within the candidacy’s territory.

Montpellier 2028 is giving away Interrail Passes!


An Interrail Pass is an opportunity to travel by train in 33 European countries, for 7 days over a maximum period of 1 month! To win your Interrail Pass by drawing lots, come and meet us at the following events:

Montpellier 2028 celebrates the start of the new school year at the Antigone des associations!

On Sunday September 10, the city of Montpellier organizes the Antigone des associations in the Antigone district, an annual event where almost 900 sports, cultural and community associations are present. It’s a great opportunity to make new discoveries and find out more about our local community life.

Join us at the culture stand, place de Théssalie, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., for your chance to win an Interrail Pass!

Click here for photo contest rules.

Montpellier 2028 celebrates the European Heritage Days!

Saturday, September 16, during the European Heritage Days, organized by the Metropole of Montpellier, which are an opportunity to visit unique heritage sites throughout the region.

Come and meet us at some of Montpellier’s most emblematic sites, and take part in our photo competition!

– 10:30 am to 11:30 am at Place Dionysos (Olympic pool/Médiathèque Emile Zola)

– 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at Hôtel de Varenne

– 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Arc de Triomphe

– 3.15pm to 4pm at Carré Sainte-Anne

– 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Hôtel d’Aurès

Click here for photo contest rules.

Montpellier 2028 celebrates back-to-school with Paul Valéry University!

On Tuesday September 19, the Université Paul Valéry celebrates the start of the new academic year with its students. On the Don’t Panic program: entertainment, information, fitness, DJ set, food truck, student associations…

An opportunity for students to win an Interrail Pass, on the Paul Valéry university campus from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm!

Click here for photo contest rules.

How to enter our photo competitions?

1. Come and meet us at one of our events.

2. Photograph yourself with one of our photo frames in support of the Montpellier 2028 bid.

3. Post your best photos on your Instagram account, tagging @montpellier2028, with the hashtags #montpellier2028 and the various events.

Each time, a draw will be held to determine the winner. More information in the rules above.

Monptellier 2028 in Finland


Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of Montpellier, President of the Métropole de Montpellier, Sophie Léron, General Manager of Montpellier 2028 and Thomas Corolleur, International Relations Manager of Montpellier 2028 traveled to Helsinki and Oulu as part of Montpellier 2028’s application for the title of European Capital of Culture.

3 intense days of meetings and exchanges with Finnish counterparts to better understand their cultural strategies and explore collaborations. Officially welcomed at the French Embassy by her excellency Agnès Cukierman, the Mayor of Montpellier and his team then travelled up North, where Oulu will be in 2026, European Capital of Culture. Oulu’s mayor, Seppo Määttä, along with the team of Oulu 2026 – Piia Rantala-Korhonen, Henri Turunen – spent some valuable time showing and explaining how the city will be showcasing their cultural program, with a participatory approach and special focus on climate change issues. The two cities found common ground for future projects, like the Delta Life initiative supervised by Pia Alatorvinen, Director of Oulu August Festivals.

In Helsinki, the team of Montpellier 2028 toured major cultural landmarks and exchanged with key cultural players of the city: Anna-Maria Soininvaara, director of the Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Reetta Heiskanen, in charge of the Helsinki City Museum and Arja Miller, director of the Helsinki Art Museum and Helsinki Biennale. Montpellier 2028 even had the chance to meet Julia Ojanen who runs the Villa Karo, a finnish residency program in Benin.

Another opportunity to reaffirm Montpellier’s strong stand on European and African Cultural Collaborations.

Montpellier 2028 in Avignon



It is in Avignon, the land of France’s largest live performance festival, that Montpellier, candidate city for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028, invited cultural and institutional actors for a day rich in exchanges and debates.

The event provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges of artist mobility, with the presence of Salia Sanou from Mouvements Perpétuels & La Termitière Company, Marie Le Sourd from “On the Move” Network, Gaelle Massicot Bitty from the French Institute, and Malgorzata Szlendak from the European Commission. Through their testimonies and experiences, they were able to provide a concrete mapping of the current situation and envision new perspectives crucial to cultural endeavors.

The concepts of the candidacy – Act, Connect, Celebrate – were presented along with the three artistic themes – water that connect us, serial future, trans? – that shape Montpellier 2028’s programming and try to address contemporary challenges, like youth participation, inclusion of artists from diverse origins and backgrounds. Adèle Charvet, President of the Montpellier 2028 Association, Nicolas Dubourg, Artistic Director of the candidacy, Sophie Léron, General Director of the candidacy, and members of the Montpellier 2028 Board of Directors, along with Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of the City of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Sophie Bejean, Regional Rector of Occitanie and Rector of the Academy of Montpellier, Chancellor of the Universities, Vincent Cavaroc, Director of Tropisme, and Eric Servat, Director of the UNESCO Center, then announced the first edition of the Euro-Africa Biennial in Montpellier, which will take place from October 9th to 15th, 2023, another occasion to build connections and friendship between the two continents.

To conclude, Jérôme Hoffmann offered our guests a suspended moment with a captivating performance centered around the sounds of water, followed by a friendly cocktail inspired by the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean region and Sète’s rich culinary heritage.

Montpellier in Brussels


Michaël Delafosse, Mayor of Montpellier, President of the Montpellier Métropole, Clare Hart, Vice-President of the Montpellier Métropole, Nicolas Dubourg, Artistic Director of Montpellier 2028, and Sophie Léron, Strategic Director of Montpellier 2028, traveled to Brussels for 2 days of meetings as part of Montpellier 2028‘s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture.

The program was filled with exchanges, including meetings with the IETM Network (International network for contemporary performing arts), the Office of the Vice-President of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas, Culture Action Europe network, André Sobczak, Secretary General of Eurocities, and Julie Hervé, Culture Manager, and Georg Haeusler, Director of Culture, Creativity, and Sports of the European Commission.

It was also an opportunity to introduce Montpellier 2028’s candidacy to the European Parliament, with the presence of Irène Tolleret, Member of the European Parliament.

Benefactors’ breakfast – Montpellier 2028


On Thursday June 29, 2023, Michaël DELAFOSSE, Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, and Max PONSEILLÉ, CEO of the OC Santé Group, Treasurer of the M28 Association and President of the Montpellier 2028 Benefactors College, met with the benefactors of the Montpellier 2028 European Capital of Culture bid. They signed sponsorship agreements and presented plaques to the 39 benefactors of the bid.

Following Montpellier 2028’s qualification as one of the four finalists for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028, 39 companies decided to commit to the bid and join the college of benefactors chaired by Max Ponseillé. his support testifies to the importance of our approach for the region, and reinforces the momentum behind it.

Benefactors support takes the form of a cash donation to the Montpellier 2028 European Capital of Culture Bid, to help develop the bid’s activities.

Find out more about benefactors: Soutiens-des-mecenes-Montpellier-2028.pdf (montpellier2028.eu)

An enriched and assertive territory


Extraordinary General Meeting and Board of Directors of the Montpellier 2028 Association: an enriched and assertive territory for the final phase of the bid.

The local authorities and all the partners of the “Montpellier 2028 – Montpellier european capital of culture” association met on Thursday June 29 at the headquarters of the Communauté de Communes Terre de Camargue for a meeting of the Board of Directors and an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The members of the association unanimously approved the membership of the Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de l’Or, made up of 8 communes (50,000 inhabitants) and chaired by Stéphan Rossignol, Mayor of La Grande-Motte, represented for the occasion by Christian Quesque, Vice-President. This new entry completes the official territory of the bid, which now includes the entire coastline from Aigues-Mortes to Agde. Through 8 inter-municipalities, 154 communes and over 900,000 inhabitants are involved in this collective dynamic aimed at making this large catchment area the European Capital of Culture in 2028.

These sessions also provided an opportunity to collectively address fundamental issues related to the bid. In particular, the question of mobility was the subject of a rich and sustained discussion between the various local authorities and the Region, the organizing authority for transport.

Founding members, associate members and invited members once again demonstrated their enthusiasm and renewed their support for the final stretch of the bid.

Robert Crauste, President of the Communauté de communes Terre de Camargue, invited everyone to a convivial moment at the Phare de l’Espiguette in Le Grau-du-Roi. Just renovated and open to the public, this lighthouse in the heart of a remarkable, protected area is a symbol of the rich, exceptional natural heritage of the Pointe de l’Espiguette, and an integral part of the dune landscape of the Gard coastline and resists, unchanging, the assaults of wind, water and sand.

Montpellier 2028 celebrates sport!


10 h 00

Come and meet us at stand M28 at the first edition of ZEST, taking place this Sunday, June 25, in the Croix d’Argent district!

Inspired by the model of the Temporary Artistic Zone (ZAT), the City of Montpellier is organizing a major sporting and festive event on Sunday June 25 in the heart of the Croix d’Argent district, entitled ZEST: Zone d’Evénementiel Sportif Temporaire. The aim is to bring together Montpellier’s sporting community in a single location, promoting the city’s recently inaugurated sports facilities as well as those that will benefit from new developments.

To mark the occasion, take part in our “Europe by train” photo competition and win an Interrail pass!

How to enter?

1. Come and meet us at ZEST stand M28.

2. Take a photo of yourself with one of our photo frames in support of the Montpellier 2028 bid.

3. Post your best photos on your Instagram account, tagging @montpellier2028, with the hashtags #montpellier2028 #ZEST2023 before 11:59pm on June 25, 2023.

A draw will be held to select the winner.

Find the rules of the competition here.

For your entry to be taken into account, your account must be public for the duration of the game!

Good luck to you all!

European Music Festival 2023


16 h 00

Let’s celebrate the European Music Festival together!

Since its inception, the Fête de la Musique has been dedicated to celebrating all kinds of music. Whether it’s classical or contemporary music, all genres are welcome to perform in the halls, streets and squares of France. All genres, but also all practices. The Fête de la musique is an event open to professionals and amateurs alike. These values resonate strongly with those espoused by Montpellier 2028.

World Music Day, Fiesta de la musica, a French celebration in Europe and around the world

In 1985, the European Year of Music marked the international expansion of this musical day. 30 years later, the Fête de la musique is exported to 120 countries, not only in Europe, but also in Colombia, Peru, China, Kenya, Canada…

Montpellier and its partners are committed to culture.

A land of hospitality and festivals, Montpellier will be celebrating live music in all its forms.

Discover the Fête de la musique program at the Hôtel d’Aurès, the heart of Montpellier 2028:

Wednesday June 21
Braquage Sonore & Cie – Sound nap

A sound performance in the sound universe of an “enormous torrent”. A creation based on sound recordings made in the natural environment and on hydraulic structures (the Vinça dam waterfall, locks and electric turbines on the Rhône).
From a peaceful moment at the water’s edge to a sensation of submersion, the drama unfolds until the shattering rise of a flood when all the sound signals go berserk.
Creation 2019 for L’exposition Big Torrent / Bipolar – 73rd Avignon Festival / Chalon dans la rue

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Imperial Quartet – Jazz

Drawing inspiration from the depths of Louisiana, the Imperial Quartet returns on June 10 with a new album, All Indians? a musical odyssey blending Afro-American, Amerindian, Acadian and Creole cultures.
Comprising Antonin Leymarie, Joachim Florent, Damien Sabatier and Gérard Chevillon, this quartet will take you on a musical voyage of discovery!

Nanasso – Catalan Rumba / Gipsy

Catalan Rumba concert with Nanasso and Les Gipsy Baliardo.
Jean Marc Baliardo is none other than Nanasso Baliardo, a true gipsy icon, nephew of Manitas de Plata and son of the late Hippolyte Baliardo. He will be accompanied by Ricardo Bissière Baliardo on guitar and vocals, and guitarist Paco Solès.

Practical information
Hôtel d’Aurès
14 Rue Eugène Lisbonne, 34000 Montpellier

Credit: Théâtre de la Mer de Sète : Pierre Nocca

Montpellier 2028 celebrates Pride!


15 h 00

A float dedicated to international Prides.

The city of Montpellier has a long tradition of tolerance, hospitality and openness to others. The Montpellier 2023 Pride March is as committed, militant and festive as ever. This year, along with representatives of invited foreign Prides, Montpellier will be marching for those who cannot. For there are still too many countries where people do not live freely and safely because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The City of Montpellier and Fierté Montpellier Pride have invited Pride representatives from Montpellier’s sister cities – Sherbrooke, Heidelberg, Manchester – from Paris, and from threatened Pride cities – Kiev, Budapest and Istanbul – as well as a representative of the Rainbow Cities Network, to join the Marche des Fiertés Montpellier wishes to reiterate its solidarity with all those leading the fight for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people around the world, and with those forced to live concealing their love or sexuality. This international float will be displaying its pride on June 17 alongside local floats.